CATRENE, a EUREKA Cluster for micro and nanoelectronics, was started in 2008 and launched its last call for project proposals at the end of 2015.

It aimed for Technological Leadership for a competitive European ICT industry. It was based on the ambition of Europe and the European companies to deliver nano-/microelectronics solutions that respond to the needs of society at large, improving the economic prosperity of Europe and reinforcing the ability of its industry to be at the forefront of the global competition.

CATRENE built on the successful previous EUREKA programmes JESSI, MEDEA, and MEDEA+ in fostering the continued development of a dynamic European ecosystem with the critical mass necessary to compete at a global level in high technology industries.

The CATRENE Final Report was produced in November 2016, along with a booklet on all CATRENE projects that were running with stability or successfully ended. Remaining projects will be added as they progress.

Additionally, running projects from the last Calls continue to be supported through the Industrial Association, AENEAS.


CATRENE Final Report                                   CATRENE Project Profiles and Result Sheets




ENF 2016 (Rome)
23-24 Nov
Report available here:
Including pictures, presentations and videos.


Complete Report now available here.

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