Last report of the Scientific Committee from 2015:
Semiconductor technologies for smart cities

With the end of the CATRENE programme, the CATRENE Scientific Committee has closed its activities. 

Below is an archive of the CATRENE Scientific Committee reports published between 2002 and 2014.

CATRENE Scientific Committee reports or executive summaries:

CATRENE Scientific Committee Workshop 2015 Presentations

Semiconductor Technologies for Smart Cities (Full report) (December 2014)
(3481 KB)

Smart Systems for Healthcare and Wellness
(Full report) (January 2014)
(4976 KB)

CATRENE Scientific Committee Workshop 2014 Presentations

Integrated power & energy efficiency
(Full report) (April 2013)
(7989 KB)

Towards a 'More-than-Moore" roadmap (November 2011)
(34 KB)

"Energy Autonomous Systems: Future Trends in Devices, Technology, and Systems"
(August 2009)
(252 KB)

"Towards and beyond 2015: technology, devices, circuits and systems" (February 2007)
(46 ko)

"Improving Links between Manufacturing and Science" (May 2005)
(29 ko)

"Bio-chips and Chips for Bio" (November 2004)
(62 ko)

"Development of On-Chip Signal Processing for Audio/Video/User interfaces" (November 2003)
(94 ko)

"Heterogeneity on Silicon or in a package for future system innovation" (November 2003)
(125 ko)

"Assessment of European Universities and Research Organisations in Europe..." (September 2002)
(93 ko)