“Together, these EUREKA Clusters now represent 70% of the budget of the EUREKA portfolio and in total have leveraged some 14.9 billion euro in R&D efforts since EUREKA’s inception.”

Under the Turkish EUREKA Chairmanship (2012-2013), CATRENE has taken part in a HLG Working Group to produce a EUREKA Cluster Document. This report features five chapters that detail what EUREKA Clusters are, what makes them essential and the success of their impact on new economic and societal challenges.

The document serves to demonstrate to the public what a EUREKA Cluster regularly achieves through dynamic coopetition. The continuous growth and development of EUREKA Clusters, strongly supported by the European industry, EUREKA High Level Representatives and Public Authorities of participating countries, have made the Clusters what they are today: essential instruments for the global competitiveness of European industry.

The EUREKA Cluster document has become an important resource for all persons interested in learning more on cooperative R&D&I in Europe.

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