Innovation for the Future of Europe: Nanoelectronics Beyond 2020
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Board members of AENEAS and CATRENE presented the positioning document to Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission on 21 November 2012 in Munich. Upon this occasion, its implementation was discussed. Further discussions have been launched in parallel with Member States.

IN THIS PICTURE (from left to right): Kurt Sievers - President of AENEAS, Neelie Kroes - Vice-President of the European Commission, Enrico Villa - Chairman of CATRENE


AENEAS and CATRENE have released, end of November 2012, a new positioning document entitled Innovation for the future of Europe: Nanoelectronics beyond 2020 that describes an ambitious research and innovation programme to help address societal challenges and secure the future of the European nanoelectronics industry.

Highlighting the need for Europe to substantially increase its research and innovation efforts in nanoelectronics in order to maintain its worldwide competitiveness, the document outlines a proposal by companies and institutes within Europe’s nanoelectronics ecosystem to invest 100 billion € up to the year 2020 on an ambitious research and innovation programme, planned and implemented in close cooperation with the European Union and the Member States.

Urgent strategy actions recommended in the positioning paper to secure the future of Europe’s nanoelectronics ecosystem include extension of the European Union’s dedicated budgets for Key Enabling Technologies to reflect their common dependence on nanoelectronics; simplified notification and enlarged eligibility for public funding in nanoelectronics, and greater focus on European Union funding for regional initiatives to support the proposed programme.