Updated Part C of VMS (Nov. 2013)

An update of the Vision, Mission and Strategy document, common to both AENEAS and CATRENE, was undertaken in 2013.

The revision concerned only Part C of the document, which describes strategies per domain to a level that it can be used as reference for the creation of projects in ENIAC (to be succeeded from 2014 onwards by ECSEL) and CATRENE.

Compared to the previous part C of the VMS, the modifications being made will aim to: actualise the content (taking into account the strategic objectives of H2020; and extend the content in order to include lower (down to level 2) and higher (up to level 8) Technology Readiness Levels. This update is relevant for the Call 7 of CATRENE and first call of ECSEL. The updated part C will constitute the contribution by AENEAS to the MASP of the new ECSEL JTI.

AENEAS and CATRENE have, in the past, successfully achieved by this cooperation a strategic coordination of the EUREKA and ENIAC JU programmes in the field of nanoelectronics. With the help of all actors involved, their aim is to continue this coordination as much as possible through an alignment of the strategic objectives for Nanoelectronics R&D&I in Europe.

A complete revision of the Vision, Mission & Strategy document is expected for end 2014.

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